BetMines Affiliate Guide

Comprehensive Insights into Earning Commissions with Betmines and Navigating the Affiliate Dashboard

BetMines Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing isn't a shortcut to instant wealth. It represents one of the most favored methods for building a sustainable business partnership with BetMines. Upholding legal and ethical principles is paramount. Here are some quick tips to keep you on the right path:

What you should do

  • Ensure that your profile remains accurate and up-to-date, including your name, email, and website URL. Providing complete payout information ensures timely payments from us.
  • Regularly track your referral performance and adapt your strategies accordingly. Verify that your traffic converts and that free accounts translate into paid accounts.
  • While we offer a wealth of promotional materials, don't hesitate to craft your unique content and reviews. While your content can draw from our resources, avoid mere copying and pasting. Add value through SEO optimization and valuable insights for your readers.
  • Always include your Affiliate ID in referral links. Attach your tracking parameter to every BetMines URL you share. Additionally, include links to our pricing page to encourage immediate sales.

What you must not do

  • Avoid PPC infringements. Bidding on BetMines branded keywords is strictly prohibited. If you engage in paid search or advertising, refrain from using BetMines branded keywords or linking ads directly to BetMines. Violating this policy can lead to the suspension of your Affiliate account.
  • Avoid spamming and stay away from purchased email lists. Adhere to sound email marketing and list-building practices. Multiple parties soliciting the same individuals for the same products often frustrates potential customers and yields minimal results.
  • Do not create accounts that impersonate BetMines or closely resemble our branding. Transparency is key. Clearly identify yourself and explain why you endorse BetMines. Violations of this nature may result in the suspension of your Affiliate account.

Your Affiliate Tracking Link

How do we recognize your prospects? They reach our website via a link containing your Affiliate ID. An affiliate cookie is stored in the visitor's browser for the entire domain. Therefore, if someone clicks your link and explores other BetMines pages, it still counts as your referral.

Your basic affiliate link directs prospects to the BetMines homepage, but there are more options available. You can append your Affiliate ID to any URL within, creating deep links tailored to specific prospect needs. To create deep links, simply add ?via=youraffiliateID to the end of any URL. Example:

Alternatively, use the Deep Link Generator on the main dashboard to craft personalized links to any BetMines page.

Affiliate Tracking Link

Banner Designs for Images.

Banner Ads, when used effectively, can be powerful tools for driving sales. "Banner blindness" often results from poor banner strategy. However, visually appealing banners strategically placed on the right pages and social media platforms can capture readers' attention.

We've designed eye-catching banners for your blog, website, and social media channels.

At their core, banner Ads should highlight your content or offer a unique incentive. Avoid overwhelming your pages with banners; use them judiciously.

Understanding Reports

The Affiliate Portal provides detailed statistics on sales activity and ad performance. Regularly monitor your results and optimize your strategies based on performance for the best outcomes.

A single sale can translate into substantial earnings over a user's account lifetime. To ensure accurate tracking, make sure all your links include your affiliate tracking parameter.

Betmines Reporting

Referred Accounts

This critical affiliate metric warrants regular attention. Affiliate marketing shares a common trait with other businesses: it cannot thrive solely on existing customers.

Even with loyal customers, their lifetime value is finite. Implement strategies to continually attract new referrals. This way, even if some accounts churn, your earnings won't be affected because new accounts will compensate for losses.

If you maintain a closely monitored list of subscribers to whom you recommend BetMines, there's a way to check if they've already purchased one of the paid BetMines plans you referred to them.

Affiliate Link Campaigns.

This section of your affiliate statistics provides insights into which links are performing well and which ones may need replacement.

Monitoring more than just free accounts and sales is crucial, as these metrics are influenced by another often overlooked metric. Tables can help you identify issues quickly, such as broken links or traffic loss.

The quickest route to higher commissions is pinpointing campaigns that drive sales, allowing you to focus your resources for maximum commissions. Once you've identified a winning formula, invest in expanding your traffic.

Betmines Affiliates links
Betmines Affiliates links

Earnings and Payouts

You can review your payout summary in the dashboard's performance module. Beneath the dashboard, you'll find a detailed list of referrals contributing to your monthly commission.

Pending earnings represent accumulated income since your last payout. These earnings are paid out after commissions are locked at the end of the billing period, which concludes two weeks after the earning period ends.

The minimum payout threshold is €30; if your commission value falls below this threshold, it will be retained in your account until it reaches the minimum requirement.