Pre-Match scanner for football matches

The BetMines Pre-Match scanner analyzes all scheduled football matches and sends notifications via Telegram every time a match meets your criteria!

Customize your strategy by choosing from odds, probabilities, and dozens of statistics, such as the number of wins, losses, and draws, average goals, number of corner kicks, and much more. And thanks to the powerful BACKTESTING feature, you will have the opportunity to quickly test the historical efficiency of your strategies without having to wait for days or months to know if a strategy is winning.

Backtesting feature: test the historical efficiency of your strategies to further optimize your approach to football betting.
Save time and effort: let our service do the heavy lifting for you, analyzing all football league matches before they start.
Customize your criteria: select the statistics and variables that interest you to create the perfect configuration for your bets.
Receive timely notifications on Telegram: never miss a betting opportunity thanks to instant notifications sent directly to your device.
Excel file with analyzed match data: with data in Excel format, you can more easily analyze matches, organize and manipulate data as you prefer, creating customized charts, tables, and reports tailored to your specific needs.

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