Live scanner

Have you ever dreamed of eliminating stress and wasted time in manually searching for live matches that meet your betting criteria? We have the perfect solution for you! BetMines Live Scanner monitors all ongoing soccer matches in real-time, analyzing them every second and sending you notifications on Telegram every time a match meets your criteria.

Customizable criteria include prematch statistics for each team, live match data, odds and event-related betting probabilities, and much more. Plus, you can add a desired outcome to your strategy to automatically calculate success rate and ROI.

Save time and effort: let our service do the heavy lifting for you, analyzing all ongoing matches in real-time.
Customize your criteria: select the statistics and variables that interest you and let our Live Scanner find the perfect matches for you.
Receive timely notifications on Telegram: never miss a betting opportunity thanks to instant notifications sent directly to your device.
Excel file with analyzed match data: with data in Excel format, you can more easily analyze matches, organize and manipulate data as you prefer, creating custom charts, tables, and reports tailored to your specific needs.
You can try it for free! You can create 1 service and receive up to 5 notifications per day. If you need to set up more services or receive unlimited notifications, you can upgrade to PREMIUM version.
  • Create filters

    Create a new filter and add as many rules as you wish to it to fine tune your picking strategy and let our live scanner doing the job.

  • Telegram alerts

    BetMines Live Scanner will send you Telegram notifications every time a match meets your criteria. Just relax and wait for the alerts.

  • Alerts history

    Matches matching your criteria will automatically be in the history of the service. You will also be able to access the match details with statistics, events and lots of other useful information to monitor your results and make a winning choice.

  • Export Excel

    Every day we send you an Excel file on Telegram with a detailed report of the previous day's matches that have matched your criteria so you can make an in-depth analysis and change your strategy if necessary. In addition, you can easily export an Excel spreadsheet directly from the history of a given service

Watch our tutorial and learn how to create your own betting strategies with our live scanner